Falling Into Fall

The weather’s finally settled into fall and I’m loving every bit of it.  I get amazed every time the weather rolls onto a new season.  The nature is amazing.  God is amazing.  Ever since the first day of fall I wanted to change up my room and I’d been putting it off and off.  I finally decided to clean and re-deco my room and wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve done.

My dad picked up some legit baby pinecones for me a couple weeks ago and I patiently waited for them to open up wide.  The subtle smell of the pinecones floating around my room is definitely a win.


Stitch and Eyore in their adorable-as-ever fall costumes

DSCN7633 DSCN7634

I laid out some of my most worn jewelry pieces including a couple of new ones.


The cutest Hedgehoge family and friends & pinecones


I love fall decor so much; the whole ambience is so much different than summer decor, and fall means closer to Christmas which gets me beyond beyond excited.

How have you decorated your home this fall?


all that jaes


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