Benefit Smokin’ Eyes


I feel like the Benefit Smokin’ Eyes palette isn’t very much talked about in the beauty world.  Perhaps I know why?

DSCN7601 DSCN7600

Below is a shot of the eye pencil that it comes with.  It’s a pretty good eye pencil and great to travel with since it is so small.  The second picture was taken right after I tried to remove it with a cleanser foam.  As you can see it didn’t fade much at all.  I don’t know if the formula of the pencil is waterproof but I’d say it’s definitely long lasting.  Overall, this pencil is decent, not anything special or extra good.  It’s just a plus because the kit comes with it.

DSCN7602 DSCN7607

As for the shadows in the top row, they’re very smooth, silky and have nice pigmentation.  They’re a little powdery though.  As you can see, the swatches on my fingers are quite pigmented and buttery looking.  My favorite shade out of all three has to be the middle one which is called Pewter.  It is such a nice shade to create a smoky look with; it is slightly shimmery but not too crazy.  The last shade called Deep Charcoal can be used to define your eye look or line your upper lash line with.  Overall, I’m very satisfied with the shadows; the quality, the pigmentation and the consistency.

DSCN7603 DSCN7605 DSCN7606

I have to say though I’m not a big fan of the brow part of the palette.  It’s not anything special.  I’d say the Elf palette that I showed in my previous post, back to school drugstore makeup is much much better, not to mention its price.  I feel like the gel in the Benefit palette doesn’t really do anything and the Eye Bright, Cream Eye Brightener, which is right next to the gel is just okay.  I’m not too crazy about the brow kit except the tweezers are pretty nice but even that one I don’t care for.

The brush that the kit comes with is, however, very nice minus the length of the handle.  The fluffy shadow brush is super soft and picks up the right amount of powder.  In fact, after using this eye shadow brush I had to go to the Benefit counter and grab a full size one of the same brush (sadly, I think the brush is discontinued; I can’t seem to find it anymore anywhere.)

Would I recommend this product?  No.  It’s just not that great and it retails for $36.  There are a ton of other great products for the smoky eye look that you can find for really inexpensive at drugstore or even at the department stores.  Like mentioned earlier, the Elf brow kit is a nice one to snatch and Anastasia Beverly Hills makes some amazing brow products.

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