Brazened Honey

Lush Face Mask Brazened Honey.  It smells very sweet and herby.  It helps soften and brighten your skin and is also very deep cleansing.  You put it on for about 5-10 minutes and when you’re done, you just rinse it out with warm water, and this is the best part.  When you’re rinsing it out and rubbing it onto your skin, you’ll feel that the little particles act as if they were little exfoliators.  It not only softens your skin but also finishes with layering off the dead skin.   Great face mask!  Everybody go to your Lush store and try it!

Corey made this yummy product.  Thank you!

Happy Skin-caring!



2 thoughts on “Brazened Honey

  1. I am a lush-o-holic! I love it when I see others that use the products, too! It’s not so common in my area (the closest store is 4 hours away, but so worth the drive!)

    I’ve never tried this mask. I am compelled to, though, after this lovely review! Thanks!

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