Beauty Haul: Estée Lauder Parfum & Skincare Set

Estée Lauder had a promotion going on until the beginning of October and I needed to buy a new bottle of Beautiful Sheer Perfume so I said, “What an amazing deal!”  There were two options I believe: Anti-Aging and Brightening.  I chose Anti-Aging/Lifting one even though I don’t really have wrinkles (yet, luckily) but I already have so many brightening products that I don’t need to add any more to my collection, plus lifting is always good whether you’re still young like me or old.  The Beautiful Sheer Perfume is amazing.  It’s got a really subtle scent to it and it’s what I used to wear in high school so it brings me back good memories.  The website describes it as “a sheer of blush of flowers,” and I couldn’t agree more with it.  Perfect description.

Here’s what I got yesterday.  Fresh out of the box!

Nicely gift wrapped.

And here’s a peek at what’s inside the promotion set!

Ta-da!  The pouch contains of Soft Clean Tender Creme Cleanser, Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Creme, Resilience Lift  Firming/Sculpting Eye Creme, Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum, Pure Color Passion Fruit Shimmer & Pure Color High Gloss in Stolen Kisses.

This set has everything.  It’s got a cleanser and a full face skincare routine.  I like that it comes with a little bottle of serum.  The whole set will last me for about a month (maybe a little less depending on how much product you use).

I’m excited to use these products.  I remember growing up my mom let me use her high-end skincare products and Estée Lauder was one of them so when I go to the Estée Lauder counter I just instantly think of my mom.  She always emphasized the importance of good skincare.  My mom always has/uses the best of bestest and I am very jealous of her almost wrinkle-free skin.  

The Lipstick is very sheer and crystal like.  I love the subtle color and the lipgloss is bright rosy color and I think the two will complement each other very well.  The gloss actually looks much brighter than in the tube.

Did anyone else score this promotion set?  If so, let me know your thoughts on it!



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