Into The New Season

Hi all, can you believe it’s already September? I can’t. Time flies, which reminds me of why I need to really live in the moment and enjoy every second of my life. The florida weather has definitely changed. It is less humid and I just can’t wait til when it’s cool and chilly in the mornings. Looking forward to seeing what September has in store for me.

Neutral colors with a hint of neon + mix and match prints

I wore these beautiful stilettos from J.Crew to church this morning. When I came back home, as much as I love these heels, I decided to change to sandals because I knew I couldn’t be walking around and shopping for more than three hours in them.

I went on a mission to Downtown Disney (I got a special request from a friend) and it was such a nice, warm day. I never get sick of the scenery there and there’s always something new to look at. I stayed in the marketplace side of Downtown Disney and went into Days of Christmas and Art of Disney.

Early Christmas? Don’t mind. I am definitely ready for the Winter season.

This is where you get your ears embroidered. I like looking at all the fun colors and silly hats.

Coral match

Don’t mind my bare toe nails. I’m giving them a break and allowing them to breathe for a while. 

Enjoy the view!


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