Style Of The Day: Jade Green

Ann Taylor Top, J.Crew Pants, Fendi Sandals, H&M Sunglasses, Celine Phantom Luggage, Michael Kors Watch, Chanel Earrings, Gold Bands from my mom, Cartier Trinity Ring, YSL Rouge Volupte #13, Bobbi Brown Clear Lip Gloss

I feel like I’ve been dressing as if I were going on 30 but I don’t care. I’ve accumulated so many of work clothes and wanted to bring them into my outside-work life–this way I don’t feel as bad! Just trying to make myself feel less guilty for spending so much money on apparel for work. I went “window” shopping with the intent to not buy anything but guess what happened?  *Sigh* Anyway moving on, I wore a chiffon shirt top with a pair of cropped pants in Jade. I truly enjoy this color–such a classic, warm color. Love love love it. I love that you can wear this color all around four seasons. For shoes, I wore my Fendi Jelly thong sandals, which I adore. When I first saw them a few years ago, it was too cute I couldn’t pass up, plus back then, I had a wallet that went perfectly with these sandals. As far as jewelry, I decided to keep it simple because you know what, it is oh-so-boiling hot outside! I braided my hair to the side and for my lips, I added some bright coral color.

Waiting and making myself happy with some major amazingness at the Chanel Boutique.

Rain always comes unexpected in Orlando. And it did today, as always. Gloomy days always make me want to cuddle up in my bed and watch tv so I think that is going to be my plan for the rest of the night!

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.



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