Pretty Things

  • Having some quality time on a lazy Saturday afternoon, cuddling with my buds, Dumbo. Believe & soar!

  • Summer flats. I have found that gold is the perfect color to emphasize my bronze colored skin. It complements me so well. I’ve had the ballet flats on the far left since I was in high school and love how they never go out of style.

  • These wedges are great for work. Looking sharp and professional. As a bonus, they’re very comfortable too!

  • Rather simple yet noticeable statement necklaces, an adorable dandelion bracelet and non-fuss rose gold stretchies. I’m really digging simple, lightweight jewelry for the summer.

  • Last but not least, crystal earrings + headbands. Crystal makes everything complete. It gives a cool vibe which is why I love to wear it on hot summer days. Anyone agree?

It feels like time has been flying insanely. Cannot believe we’re already in the middle of July. What things have you done this Summer?



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