Itty Bitty Of My Life

1. Armcandy of the day: J.Crew, Loft, Juicy Couture & Mickey Mouse watch

2. Beautiful sky + palm trees. Love you, Florida.

3. Business attire much? Suiting time!

4. Nail of the day: Essie Ballet Slippers and Revlon Minted. It looks a little messy. Don’t mind it.

5. My favorite candle of the moment: Slatkin & Co. Lemon Mint Leaf

6. OMG, this is the life. Laying by the pool, tanning my body away and listening to good music.

7. It feels so good to be back. Mickey’s getting ready for the new season @ Downtown Disney.

8. Hogwarts or Hogsmeade? Where to?

9. Whimsical Suess Landing.

10. My relax time consists of a tangerine, a glass of cranberry juice and teddy grahams.

11. Spending quality time with Jesus. Look at my cute strawberry bookmark. How cute is it? Want it?

12. Found Lotso bear clons. Soon to be adopted by me. Very soon.

13. You have a special way of making people smile. True that.

14. Driving shoes for work. Which one to wear?

15. Late upload, but my very first meal ever in this wonderful new home. Had to document it.


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