Itty Bitty Of My Life

1. My fruit obsession #1: Raspberries

2. My fingers have been chubby lately. A sign of weight gain? Uh-oh.

3. Little Fendi baby. Perfect color for the Summer!

4. Oh hello. J.Crew obsession continues.

5. Quick outfit of the day: J.Crew stripe sweater, Gap skimmer pants, Givenchy handbag, BR necklace, Jewelmint bracelet, Chanel earrings, Chloe sunglasses, Joe’s oxfords + a high bun for the warm weather.

6. My fruit obsession #2: Grapes

7. Cartier red box. What can I say?

8. Late night sister convo session. Moscato, Cranberry Juicy + Sparkling Cider. Love this combo.

9. Armswag of the day

10. My fruit obsession #3: Blackberries


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