Simple Summer Rings

Summer has finally come to us, and we don’t feel like wearing those chunky statement rings anymore. We love the simple non-fuss look although we still play with our fun ones from time to time. We both like simple bands and we have been obsessively collecting them. Our mom has a huge collection of jewelry and whenever we go back to Korea we always rummage through her jewelry boxes and pick out ones that we like. And then both of us say, “mom, can I have this?”

In Big J’s bathroom, she has a place where she keeps her current most-worn rings so she doesn’t have to put them back into their little homes until she’s done with them. While I was crashing at big J’s for a month, I kept my go-to rings on her plate as well.

Here is a peek at a few of our rings. (Mine and my sister’s combined)

Current favorite jewelry pieces: simple dainty bands & vintage pieces from our mom

How do you keep your rings? And what are your favorite rings for the summer? Share with us– we would love to see yours!


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