Appled Up

As a graphic design student, I’m a sucker for Apple products. I have accumulated almost all of their products over the past few years, except for the AirMac but I don’t need it just yet. I love working on my 27” iMac for graphic design. Love using all the design tools on the big screen. My iPod Nano is not shown in the picture but I still use it to this day. It’s so tiny and cute. I use it more than I use my iTouch which makes sense because you don’t really need an iTouch when you have an iPhone. (To be honest, I had to grab my iTouch which was abandoned behind my tv and dust it off to include in the picture.) My love for Apple will continue and I am patiently waiting for iPhone 5 to come out soon. Who else is excited?

What are some of your favorite apps to have on your iPhone, iPad or Mac? Just to name a few, mine are Instagram, Pandora, WordPress, of course, Tumblr, KakaoTalk and various shopping apps! Please share yours with me down below!


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