Matchy Matchy Louis Vuitton

We have a weird obsession with collecting key/card holder wallets. They are just so versatile and we personally think that they work better than those long continental wallets (at least for us, anyway). We of course keep change in separate coin pouches to prevent the cards getting all scratched up. A good excuse to buy more cute coin purses, right? Yeah, we think so.

Our first matchy matchy key holders were Fendi to celebrate the sisterhood, and I think it’s sort of now become a tradition for us. This particular style is different than the original monogram key pouch which is smaller and less expensive. I (Big J) have the monogram as well but I definitely prefer the multicolor. For those of you who are looking to get one, the style we have is called “Keys Holder” and has two different lining colors to choose from. (Get it here.) It is perfect for the season, and the multicolor makes us happy, even just by looking at it.

Mine is black. How cute is the Minnie Mouse key cover I got at Disney World?

Little J’s is white.


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